Peer-reviewed articles and chapters

This page provides a record of my peer-reviewed acticles and book chapters. I strive to provide direct and open access to all my academic work whenever possible. However, the copyright permissions of most journals and books prevent authors from posting the final typeset version of their work as it appears in the publication outlet (open access policies for many journals can be found by searching here). In cases where open access to the final typeset version is not available, I have attempted to provide a link to the accepted non-typeset version of the work.

Please use the citation associated with the final published version of any manuscript downloaded from this website if the work is referenced in a publication. The BibTex citation for each publication can be copied or downloaded by clicking its associated “Cite” button.

(2015). Trends in testing: Highlights of a global survey. Employee recruitment, selection, and assessment: Contemporary issues for theory and practice, 136-153.

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(2008). Career and work implications of the model minority myth and other stereotypes for Asian Americans. Model minority myths revisited: An interdisciplinary approach to demystifying Asian American education experiences, 91-115.

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